Great Quality at an Unbeatable Price

When you sit down to eat at a restaurant, you look for two things: the variety they offer and the price. All too often, people find themselves indulging in their dinner only to get hit with the sticker shock after the fact. Here at Pier 48, we work hard to not only bring you the food of the utmost highest quality, but at an even better price.


How We Source the Freshest Food 


You might be thinking to yourself, fresh seafood in the heart of Indiana, how? The delivery process of our seafood is directly from the sea to your plate! We know the difference a fresh catch makes when it comes to creating an incredible dish. Once caught, our fish are immediately packaged and flown overnight to our restaurant. From there, they become the dishes you know and love. 


Time for the Bill 


When it comes to our pricing, we believe in being upfront with our customers. Our team knows that dining out should be an enjoyable experience, including making sure items are priced right. We are committed to sourcing our ingredients and pricing them fairly. With our dishes, you will not only receive something unique and tasty, but you will also get the best bang for your buck. 


The East Coast meets Indy


We can admit we love a good lobster roll from the East Coast, but our team is dedicated to bringing you seafood options that are out of this world and that includes the lobster roll! Sink your teeth into this steamed and grilled house-made roll stuffed with our fresh lobster meat and hot lobster butter. It will have you thinking you are vacationing on the East Coast, all while tasting great and priced fairly at $21.00 per roll.


Going out to eat should be enjoyable, full of flavor, fun, and most importantly, good food. At Pier 48, we strive to accomplish that every time you dine with us, from incredible food at great prices to some of your favorite East Coast dishes brought right to Indy. We hope to see you at one of our tables soon!